Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast June 21

Latest events, Defense Ministry reports, comments by Russian and foreign politicians

Russia continues its special operation in Ukraine. Permanent Representative of Russia to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov considered it premature to talk about the seventh package of anti-Russian sanctions and said that Russia is not against negotiations with Ukraine. Deputy head of the Kherson region Stremousov announced the futility of attempts to break through the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the region.


12:41 The Ministry of Defense explained why Ukraine's air defense is unable to intercept the Iskander.

11:53 Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki said that some Europeans would rather support the laying down of weapons by Ukraine than the strengthening of its army.

11:24 A 22-year-old Spanish citizen died in Ukraine , where he went to participate in hostilities, the Europa Press agency reports, citing sources in the Spanish Foreign Ministry.

11:22 Trump warned Biden about the risk of world war: ” ;This is madness.

10:57 Finnish President announced the impossibility of joining NATO before September because of Turkey's position

10: 54Security Council Secretary Patrushev has arrived in Kaliningrad to hold a meeting on national security in the northwest

10:40 Roskomnadzor has blocked the website of the British newspaper The Telegraph.

10:18 Peskov suggested that the crisis in Ukraine would be prolonged.

10:14 Scholz disagreed with criticism of some Ukrainian politicians who believe that Germany is slowly supplying weapons to the country.

10:10 Information appeared in the media that  during trilateral talks in Brussels on the eve of the Madrid summit on the eve of the summit in Madrid, no progress was made on the issue of Finland and Sweden joining NATO.


strong> The Command of the Russian Airborne Troops awarded the Orders of Courage, medals "Zhukov", "Suvorov" and medals of the Order "For Services to the Fatherland" 1st class personnel.

9:52Trump said Biden is pushing the United States into a world war

9:43 In Burkina Faso in Africa, locals protested with Russian flags. The protesters are demanding the withdrawal of French troops from the country and replacing them with Russian troops.

9:42 The head of Poland's ruling party Kaczynski has resigned.

9:35 Former US President Donald Trump expressed the view that the country's economy is in a recession.

9:32 EC Head background der Leyen said that to replace gas supplies via the Nord Stream pipeline would allow a decrease in temperature by two degrees when heating housing.

9:25 Russian television broadcasting was established in the Kherson region.

9:17 The Secretary-General of the Japanese government, Hirokazu Matsuno, said that the country plans to actively cooperate with the G7 countries in order not to leave Russia ways to circumvent sanctions.


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