Random Encounters – The Eevee Song lyrics

I may be normal, but I’m no average girl
There’s no one like me in this Pokémon world
So choose me baby! Come on, give me a whirl
I’ll be… Your… Heart! Your soul!
Your diamond and pearl!

They say an Eevee is a Trainer’s best friend
A ball of versatile fluff
You can make me fit your favorite trend
Be it fire, ice, or… …other stuff…

I can evolve to match most any taste
The purrfect fit for your team!
Use a stone! Show some love! I can fit like furry gloves!
Then you’ll see! That I can be!
Whatever you need me to be!

Some like it hot, some like it wet!
Some love the shock- I’m yours to change…
Evolve me day and night– (watch out I bite!)
I’ll satisfy your needs, no matter how strange…

So choose me, baby! Please don’t “leaf” me behind!
I guarantee I’m your type!
And I… may play cold, but only if you don’t mind, and I
Enjoy a
Triple Pokémon

Come be my master; I’m your dream world come true!
I got a lot of E-X-P!
I love competing (and some breeding…) I’m the Pokémon that you’re needing!
I’ll be your Sylveon
I’m your charming Pokémon!
I’ll be… whatever you need me to be!

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