Jump – Droeloe feat. Nevve lyrics

Lyrics Droeloe – Jump

I was thinking that, maybe when you come back, you could come with me
F*ck work, fall in love right now and spend all our money
Jump with me
Juuump with me

I’ve been feeling it, buzzing in my fingertips
Wanna try it out
Get lost, get far away
And do what we wanna do now
Juuump with me
Juuump with me

Juuump with me. (x4)

And I know, and I know the odds are always stacked against us
Even though, even though we’re young and trying doe dah doe doe dah doe
Baby don’t, baby don’t get no
And I know, and I know da la da da da daaaa

Jump with meee. (x4)
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