“Dobrokras” in the hospital. Child and infant mortality is decreasing in the Russian Federation

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Thanks to the national project “ Healthcare '' a whole range of measures is being implemented to reduce infant and child mortality, in particular, the renovation and modernization of children's polyclinics and hospitals continues. In addition, during the entire implementation of the national project during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, more than 3.6 million women received medical assistance, including through birth certificates. Also, the qualifications of 26 thousand specialists in the field of perinatology, neonatology and pediatrics were upgraded in simulation centers.

In 10 regions of the Russian Federation (Belgorod Oblast, Altai Krai, Perm Krai, Murmansk Oblast, Omsk Oblast, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Lipetsk Oblast, Stavropol Krai, Republic of Karelia, Smolensk Oblast) from December 2 to 20, 2021, according to the Healthcare national project; the project “ Dobrokras '' starts & ndash; in the departments of children's hospitals to create a cozy and favorable atmosphere conducive to the speedy recovery of patients, walls will be painted. & nbsp; As part of the campaign, cultural volunteers will hold master classes for little patients and their parents in medical institutions.

A new digital X-ray machine has been installed in the regional children's hospital of the Samara region. For a new X-ray diagnostic complex, a separate & nbsp; premises. For the installation of heavy equipment in the office, all the necessary plastering and painting and finishing works were carried out. The ventilation, lighting and water supply systems have been replaced, the radiation safety system for patients and staff has been strengthened. A ramp is provided for children with disabilities. Previously, all children underwent X-ray examination in the central building in one office. With the new X-ray, it became possible to separate patient flows. For children with signs of ARVI and other infectious diseases, X-rays will be taken in a separate room of the infectious diseases building. This will create more comfortable conditions for patients, significantly reduce the waiting time for an appointment for examination.

The children's polyclinic of the Baevskaya Central Regional Hospital in the Altai Territory has opened after major repairs. The renovated children's clinic has a separate entrance. More precisely, two entrances. The first & ndash; the main one, ensuring the isolation of the flow of children from the adult visitors of the polyclinic of the Central District Hospital. It is equipped with a ramp. In addition, there is a room for children's 'transport' at the entrance. Parents will be able to put strollers and sleds in the covered stroller. The second entrance is provided for receiving patients with temperature. It is marked with the “ Filter box '' sign. This makes it possible to separate the streams of sick and healthy children. & Nbsp; The clinic has spacious waiting areas with comfortable sofas and a children's corner. You can even watch cartoons while waiting for a doctor's appointment. There is a separate feeding room for the baby. The corridors and the hall of the polyclinic are decorated with bright panels depicting fairy-tale characters. In addition to pediatricians' offices, there are ultrasound, ECG, ophthalmologist, and treatment rooms equipped here. The clinic received & nbsp; modern furniture and equipment. An accessible & nbsp; environment for children with disabilities: a button to call the medical staff at the entrance, a ramp for wheelchair access, a toilet for patients with limited mobility.

The consultative polyclinic of the Vologda Regional Children's Hospital No. is now operating in a completely renovated building. Today, the medical facility meets the standards for the provision of primary and inpatient medical care. An entrance group, including one for patients with limited mobility, is equipped with an open reception, a waiting room for an appointment, four doctor's offices, including one with a manipulation room for providing surgical care and receiving ENT. & Nbsp; The streams of healthy and sick patients are separated, the reception will be led by the main freelance specialists of the region.

A large-scale renovation of a children's clinic was carried out in the Sharya district of the Kostroma region. In the premises, the old entrances and overlaps between the offices were dismantled. Window and door blocks, floors, water supply and sewerage pipes were replaced, new ventilation and air conditioning systems were installed. Also, the polyclinic has updated electrical equipment, lighting, fire alarm systems. On the territory of & nbsp; new asphalt pavement was laid. On the walls there are drawings of your favorite cartoon characters, in the corridors and doctors' offices it is light. Thanks to the work carried out, the quality of medical care for more than 3 & nbsp; thousand young residents of Sharya has improved.

Development of children's health care, including the creation of a modern infrastructure for providing medical care to children & ndash; one of the main directions of the national project “ Healthcare ''. It is aimed at improving the preventive direction in pediatrics and obstetrics, introducing modern preventive technologies, improving the material and technical base of children's polyclinics and children's polyclinic departments, obstetric institutions of medical organizations by equipping them with new medical equipment.

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