Do I need to take a PCR test for COVID-19 when returning to Russia?

Story Measures against the spread of coronavirus in Russia

The current anti-COVID measures in Russia still require a PCR test when returning to the country. Certain categories of travelers can do without analysis, as well as those who already have immunity to COVID-19.

In what cases do you need to take a PCR test when entering Russia?


PCR testing is required for citizens arriving in Russia by air or water transport, regardless of their age, including children.

Russians with immunity to the disease are exempted from testing, with the exception of those who had coronavirus more than six months ago or were vaccinated against COVID-19 more than one year ago.

Who can not take a PCR test after returning to Russia?

It does not need to take a PCR test for coronavirus after traveling border by bus, car, and other land transport.

If the same tourist returned home by airplane or water transport, he can also be exempted from passing the analysis. To do this, he must have a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 with a domestic vaccine within the last 12 months or the status of having recovered from coronavirus in the last 6 months. At the same time, data on  the transferred disease or on vaccination is posted in electronic form on the portal of State Services on the basis of data obtained from the unified state information system in healthcare.

When you need to take a PCR test ?

Today, the following deadlines have been set for submitting the analysis and providing its results:

  • three calendar days from the day of arrival on the territory of the Russian Federation for passing the analysis ;
  • four calendar days from the day of arrival in Russia to upload the results to the government services portal.

Before receiving the test results, observe isolation at the place of residence not required.


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